Training Information

Warrior Zone Society...

The concept is to include all warriors from any background, not just ninjutsu, although that is what I teach. Warrior Zone Society is for individuals and families who want to learn to defend themselves as well as protect the community.

Keep in mind this training is specific to my experience, other Warrior Zone groups will have different training curriculum's.

Core training:
  • Combat style self-defense based on Togakure Ryu Ninjutsu as I was trained
  • Natural body movement
  • Using natural body weight, not strength making this the ideal self-defense system for those lacking in strength. Women excel in this system.
  • Angling, using all the directions. Not linear combat.  (ie. get behind the bastard.)
  • Stretching
  • Basic rolling, nature’s chiropractor. 
  • Basic strengthing

Additional training (for those interested):

  • functional strength training, sandbag training, kettlebell, etc 
  • energy work
  • mental exercises
  • Sensory awareness
  • Join the Warrior Zone Society’s Mudder team

Specialized training:
  • Ninja skills
    • Stealth and camouflage
    • Training in the dark
    • Free running style movement , climb up that tree or wall, hardcore rolling from height, etc.
    • Like to play with smoke and fire? Things that go boom? 
  • SAS/Paramilitary skills (note this is not a militia, we are about self-defense and survival)
    • Small team tactics and maneuvers
    • Join the Warrior Zone Society’s Paintball team
     Another important element will be the introduction to other systems. Warrior Zone Society will host seminar’s inviting instructors from other combat systems such as Bujinkan Ninpo, Systema, Krav Maga, etc. as well as combat shooting, prepping, survival instruction, and anything we can think of that we want to learn.

     Realize that this is a society and all of us whom are members are responsible for our own training. If you want to learn or incorporate it into the Society then bring it up at your next class or online in the forums.

     Warrior Zone Society will be a global group with the eventual establishment of groups throughout the world which will allow visiting of other groups for training and seminars. Imagine the whole world as your training ground, online and physically.

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